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Safeguarding Expert is the all in one safeguarding app designed to enable those responsible for safeguarding within your organisation to focus on teaching, providing support and keeping students safe, instead of mountains of paper work!

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Reporting Safeguarding Concerns

How easily can your staff, students and parents report safeguarding concerns?

The Safeguarding Expert App makes reporting child protection and safeguarding concerns to your organisations safeguarding team a breeze for staff, students and parents alike. Parents and students also have the ability to report concerns anonymously.

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Safeguarding Team Information

Do your staff, students and parents know who is responsible for safeguarding within your organisation?

This is one of the first questions an Ofsted inspector will ask, but more importantly, how effective can your safeguarding team be, if no one knows who they are. Safeguarding Expert makes your safeguarding team prominent figures to all of the people who matter, by detailing who they are, how they can be contacted and even includes pictures.

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Safeguarding Policies and Documents

Have your staff read and understood your safeguarding documents?

Safeguarding Expert not only stores all of your key safeguarding documents, but also gives you the ability to see who has read and understood them. Perfect for you to chase those staff who haven’t read important policies and for you to provide evidence to Ofsted.

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Safeguarding Training

Have all staff had adequate safeguarding training? Can you identify those who haven't?

Safeguarding Expert makes managing safeguarding training easy! Schedule safeguarding training sessions and send invites to staff who you require to attend, then record attendance and easily identify staff who have missed key training. You can also record past training sessions and certifications staff have achieved, again ideal for identifying weaknesses within your training schedule and providing evidence to Ofsted.

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Testing Safeguarding Knowledge

How competent are your staff?

Safeguarding Expert tests make benchmarking all staff safeguarding knowledge easy! Either opt for one of our built in tests or create your own with questions specific to your organisation. Test results are all saved and easily accessible to Safeguarding Officers and Senior Leaders.

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Safeguarding Guidance

Do you offer your staff, students and parents guidance on key safeguarding areas?

Safeguarding Expert guidance covers a wide range of key safeguarding topics including bullying, cyber bullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, FGM, sexism, mental health, homophobia and many more. Already, have your own organisation specific guidance, that’s not a problem you can add your content too.

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Want to know the benefits to your organisation? See below..

Making safeguarding easy for
Multi Academy Trusts Local Authorities Safeguarding Officers Senior Leadership Staff Students Parents

Safeguarding Expert is the complete safeguarding app that takes the headache out of managing safeguarding!

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Multi Academy Trusts & Local Authorities

Safeguarding Expert provides Multi Academy Trusts and Local Authorities with complete peace of mind that all organisations under thier care are performing at an expected level.

The real-time dashboard instantly identifies areas of weakness, by highlighting organisations under your care which require attention.

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Safeguarding Officers & Senior Leaders

Safeguarding Expert provides Safeguarding Officers and Senior Leaders with a complete overview of safeguarding in your organisation.

The real-time dashboard instantly identifies weaknesses in areas such as, policies, training and staff knowledge. Putting you in complete control of safeguarding within your organisation.

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Safeguarding Expert makes reporting safeguarding and child protection concerns easy, but that's not all! Safeguarding Expert also puts all your organisations key safeguarding information in one easy to access place, accessible via our Apple and Android apps, or a web browser.

It's easy for staff to report concerns, view members of the safeguarding team, access policies and documents, view training sessions, both upcoming and completed and much more.

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The Safeguarding Expert app can be used in all educational organisations, allowing students to safely report any worries and incidents of bullying, cyber bullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and homophobic issues directly to their organisation.

That's not all, the ability to view the organisation’s safeguarding team and guidance makes Safeguarding Expert the complete safeguarding app.

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Parents and Guardians

All parents and guardians worry about their children whether they’re at primary school or university.

The parent area within Safeguarding Expert, allows parents and guardians to report their own concerns anonymously, directly to their child's organisation.

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Want to know how much? See our prices below..

Our Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple and based on a cost per student on roll at your organisation. Signing up for multple years provides discounts as detailed below.

1 Year Plan£1.00per pupil per year

  • No Discount

2 Year Plan£0.80per pupil per year

  • 20% Discount

3 Year Plan£0.70per pupil per year

  • 30% Discount

Primary School Example - 300 students

The pricing example below is for an average size primary school of 300 students.

1 Year Plan£300total for 1 year

  • No Discount
  • No saving

2 Year Plan£480total for 2 years

  • 20% discount
  • £120 saving

3 Year Plan£630total for 3 years

  • 30% discount
  • £270 saving

Secondary School Example - 1,000 students

The pricing example below is for an average size secondary school of 1,000 students.

1 Year Plan£1,000total for 1 year

  • No discount
  • No saving

2 Year Plan£1,600total for 2 years

  • 20% discount
  • £400 saving

3 Year Plan£2,100total for 3 years

  • 30% discount
  • £900 saving

See the Safeguarding Expert app in action

See some frequently asked questions below..

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of questions that we are asked about Safeguarding Expert all the time. If you have another please don’t hesitate to ask..

Once signed up, we will arrange for an initial setup session, which usually takes up to 1 hour. As part of this session, we will customise apps to meet your specific requirements and setup your users. All being well, after this session you are live and ready to go!

No, Safeguarding Expert is a completely cloud based solution, so there are no server requirements for your organisation, as all of your information is securely stored with us. You can access Safeguarding Expert on your existing devices, whether they be desktop computers, laptops, macs, tablets or phones.

Safeguarding Expert, is accessible anytime, anywhere!

  • Web browser
  • iOS Apple App
  • Android Google App

So whether you're a Safeguarding Officer accessing safeguarding stats via a web browser on your computer in your office, a student logging a concern via the app on their Android phone on the bus or a parent at home checking guidance on bullying via the app on their Apple iPad, we’ve got it all covered. All information is stored securely in the cloud and synced automatically to whatever device you choose to access it on.

As part of your initial 1 hour setup session, one of our representatives will guide a member of your staff, usually a Safeguarding Officer though the software step by step. Training for staff, students and parents is not included, as our apps are designed to be intuitive and user friendly, so in most cases it is not necessary. That said, if you feel you require additional or specific training either online or onsite, we will happily provide you with a quote.

Support is included via our online helpdesk, which is accessible from within our apps and via our website. Telephone support packages are available at additional cost, please contact us for a quote.

In short yes, book a demo or contact us and we will happily discuss our discounts available.

We'll give you 5% off your first year’s subscription cost for every organisation you recommend, who sign up to a subscription for a minimum of a year, up to a maximum of 50% off. Just make sure the organisation you recommend puts your organisation name in the recommended by box on sign up.